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“What makes Online Presence Management different than other services is a focus on the COMPLETE digital presence of your business.”

What on Earth is Online Presence Management?

Short answer:

There’s a Wikipedia for that!

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But we’ve got a far more entertaining definition:

The services we offer present a comprehensive approach to your business’ entire online presence.

Whether your website needs a makeover, reviewers on your Facebook page are foaming at the mouth with angry comments, or Google has your address incorrectly listed in Zimbabwe. We help with building an all-encompassing solution.

What makes Online Presence Management different than other services is a focus on the COMPLETE digital presence of your business.

Imagine that you’re baking a cake. You put all the ingredients, milk, eggs, flour, etc, in the mix in just the right amount, everything turns out tasting good. And “good” is, well, good! But what if you leave out an ingredient? Let’s say you forget, or can’t afford, the butter – so you leave it out. Is the cake good? No. Is it edible? Probably.  But “edible” isn’t what you were shooting for.

At Girl Geek, we work with clients who don’t have any desire to settle for a cake that is simply “edible.”

Lots of companies will sell you individual “ingredients” at a low rate. $20/month for this or $50/month for that. But how do you know what “ingredients” your company really needs or, how to put them all together?

We only work with clients who can partner with us to make, at the very least, “good cakes.” Because there is nothing wrong with “good” and, sometimes you don’t have the time or budget for sprinkles – and that’s ok!

Don’t get us wrong – if you do want sprinkles and fancy frosting, we can do that too. (Because seriously, who doesn’t love sprinkles?!) We just understand that sometimes, you have to start with the basics and build from there.

Our team has incredibly high standards. Which is why we don’t offer “fix it and forget it” solutions. The internet is a dynamic, ever-changing place and an evolving tool for communication that can drastically help, or hurt, your business. We are selective of our clients and work only with folks who want to work together for long lasting solutions. We strive to build relationships through trust, communication, and integrity.

People have called us “marketing consultants,” “online watch-dogs,” or “digital agencies.” We kind of like to think of our services as “Lease-a-Geek.” We work with you, for a contracted period of time, to help navigate and monitor directory listings, online advertising, and social media.

If you think we could work well together, we’d really like to meet you. We can catch up in person, over the phone, or, you know, since we are geeks, through video chat and online meeting software.