Social Media Management for Businesses


Social media management is our flagship service.

Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business, and Twitter were meant for use as a tool of communication. And what better way to reach your customers than maintaining a presence on the sites they already visit?!

Having a presence on social media takes a lot of work. Posting material, monitoring comments, answering customer questions, watching for reviews, and keeping an eye out for inappropriate comments. As a business owner, you could easily spend all day on social. But, of course, you have other things to do.

Girl Geek helps businesses with social media:

  • Posting content and material
  • Monitoring for reviews
  • Monitoring for customer comments and messages
  • Creating graphics for posts and pages
  • Setting up and managing paid promotions, posts, and offers
  • Responding to customer comments and questions on your behalf (and in some cases, with your assistance)
  • Notifying you of comments that need your attention
  • Social media contests and giveaways
  • And MORE!

Whether you are already involved in social media and have a pages and feeds set up OR if you need us to start your presence for you, we can help!

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