Video calling has been around for many years, but has seen a huge increase in demand since Covid hit.  Are you itching to talk to those grandkids face to face? There are many safe and free options available!

  • FaceTime.  This is an Apple product and only available on Apple devices. It’s simple and easy, but only available if all users have Apple phones. No app is available for Windows or Android.
  • Skype. This software is owned by Microsoft and has been used for several years by business pros. But there is a free version available for any device you choose.
  • Facebook Messenger. If you have a Facebook account already, hopping on FB Messenger is a snap on any device. The only downside is that a Facebook account is required.
  • Google Duo. Duo is like Android’s version of FaceTime, but also available on Apple or on the computer. It’s free and it’s the newest of the bunch. You do have to have a free Google (gmail) account to use it.

(This article was originally printed in the Adult Resource Alliance of Yellowstone County Senior News)