I’m so excited to announce that Girl Geek is officially a member of the Google Trusted Photographer Program! I’ve spent the last several months taking 360 degree photos with my LG360. You may have seen me wandering around parks and public places all over Billings in the early morning hours. So now you know that that weirdo in the bright red shirt was just me doing my job.

The 360 photos in Google Street View help with many of Google’s products including Google Maps, Google Local Guides, Virtual Tours of office space and venues, and Virtual Reality Headsets.
It is important to note that Trusted Photographers are NOT employees of Google. We’ve simply contributed 50 or more quality 360 degree photos to Google for viewing by the public.

If your business is interested in adding a 360 degree photo to your Google listing or creating a walk-through tour of your space, we will have more information available on our website very soon!