We are Trusted by Google!

I’m so excited to announce that Girl Geek is officially a member of the Google Trusted Photographer Program! I’ve spent the last several months taking 360 degree photos with my LG360. You may have seen me wandering around parks and public places all over...

I Love Google G Suite

After I started my business and used my domain based email (set up in a C-Panel) for about a year, I got tired of messages being lost and server delays.
I’ve been using G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) for about 6 months and couldn’t be happier. For $5/month, it is well worth the investment!

PC Load Letter and the Paperless Office

I’m proud that I have a paperless office. In fact, some of my clients have called me because they had a problem “printing off” material that I’ve sent them. When this happens, I revert to an ape-like state, scratch my head, and mumble “print….ing….???”

How I Cut the Cord on Cable TV

I’m so excited to be sharing my first LIVE Facebook broadcast here on my new Blog! In today’s live broadcast, I walked you through the steps I took to get rid of my cable TV subscription. It’s not that I didn’t like my cable TV subscription,...